Rob Nichols
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"Robert Nichols" is the President and CEO of the Financial Services Forum, a position he has held since June 2005. As President and CEO, Nichols supervises all activities of the organization. Working with the member institutions, Nichols provides strategic leadership and coordinates the Forum's efforts to educate the public about the importance of robust capital markets, encourage a competitive global marketplace, and shape the national and international regulatory dialogue.

Recently cited as, "Perhaps the country's most powerful trade association," by Time, the Financial Services Forum is a non-partisan financial and economic policy organization comprising the chief executive officers of 18 of the largest and most diversified financial institutions with business operations in the United States. As a group, the Forum’s member institutions employ more than 2 million people in 175 countries and hold combined assets of more than $21 trillion – an amount greater than the annual economic output of the United States, China and the United Kingdom combined. The Forum works to promote policies that encourage savings and investment, a competitive global marketplace, and ensure the opportunity of people everywhere to participate fully and productively in the 21st-century global economy.

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The secretary is honored to help the president implement his agenda to strengthen the economy.

Based on the '60 Minutes' segment aired Sunday evening, there was a document that was shown that appeared to be classified. It was for that reason that it was referred to the U.S. inspector general's office.

I'm not going to comment on rumors and speculation. The secretary views serving the president as an honor and a privilege. He serves at the pleasure of the president.

[Nichols said the authors wrote the report after they left the Treasury Department last August.] This paper was not prepared at Treasury, by Treasury, or at the request of anyone at Treasury, ... It was prepared after the individuals in question went back to the private sector.