Rob Machado
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"Robert Edward Machado" (b. October 16, 1973 Sydney, Australia) is an Australia/Australian-born United States/American professional surfer from Cardiff-by-the-Sea, a community in Encinitas (San Diego County), California.

File:Robert Machado, Professional Surfer.jpg/thumb/Professional Surfer Rob Machado provides live commentary during the Boost Mobile Pro at Lower Trestles, September of 2009

Machado attended San Dieguito High School, and is known for his casual, "laid-back" style both in and out of the water. Though he rides a modern tri-fin shortboard, he is still considered a "soul-surfer" largely because of his soft-spoken, humble personality and his disinterest in the spotlight, along with his fluid surfing style, which has earned him the nickname "Mr. Smoothy." He is one of the best-known goofy-foot surfers in the world today.

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There were some beautiful waves today. I can just sit here and watch it all day. It's an amazing place.

(Slater) called me this morning and told me to go right. But I wasn't buying it. I thought the lefts were better.