Rob Conway
FameRank: 4

"Rob Conway"

Robért Conway

/birth_name = Robert Thomas Conway

/height =

/weight =

/birth_date =

/birth_place = Louisville, Kentucky

/death_date =

/resides = New Albany, Indiana

/billed = New Albany, Indiana

/trainer = Nightmare Danny Davis

Ohio Valley Wrestling

/debut = 1997

/retired =


"Robert Thomas "Rob" Conway", is an United States/American Professional wrestling/professional wrestler best known for his seven-year stint with World Wrestling Entertainment, where he performed under his real name and as "Robért Conway". He is currently employed by the National Wrestling Alliance, where he is a former two-time NWA World Heavyweight Championship/NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

He is also a four-time Tag Team Champion, becoming a three-time World Tag Team Championship (WWE)/World Tag Team Champion with Sylvain Grenier as part of La Resistance (professional wrestling)/La Resistance in the WWE and one-time NWA World Tag Team Championship/NWA World Tag Team Champion as part of The IronGodz with Jax Dane in the National Wrestling Alliance/NWA.

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