Short-term, (the poisoning) will have a big impact on the locals but long-term, it could once again be one of the best still-water trout fisheries anywhere in the country.

They do not have to take our advice but if something like this happens they look a bit foolish.

It's noncompetitive. It's instructional and hands-on.

We wanted to make the student community more aware of the issues people face as openly gay or lesbian.

I feel a little bit relieved that at least the board is listening to us and willing to do something about our concerns.

We see it as their service project.

They're as competitive as you'd like them to be.

If people get the impression that the policy isn't sensitive to the damage that wolves can cause, there's a greater danger that people will get the feeling they have to deal with it themselves.

The issue about contact with wild birds is, in fact, a wild goose chase.