Many people feel if regular is good than premium must be better, ... and that's not the case. Due to advertising, a lot of people think premium fuel is better fuel, when in actuality it simply has a higher octane rating.

With just over 1 million responses to our latest Annual Car Reliability Survey, we now have more data than ever with which to guide consumers.

We don't factor in price.

If carbon deposits is a concern, go to an auto parts store and buy a fuel system cleaner. Pour it in and it will help clean engine deposits. It's cheaper over the long end.

Not only do our top picks have to perform well at our test track, they have to get average or better reliability, according to our annual car reliability survey.

We evaluate for how they drive ... not in terms of work or heavy-duty off-road capability.

I think navigation as a whole is the sleeping technology of the automotive scene right now. It's not really hit it big, but I think it has the potential to hit it very big.

Because we feel the IIHS crash tests provide valuable safety information for consumers, we created a second tier of recommended vehicles for which good results in both of the IIHS crash tests are mandatory.