We had to readjust our (practice) schedule last week. We were in pads and shorts the day after the Moss Point game but didn't do any hitting.

I wouldn't be surprised if we don't (make up) this game. They might not have school down there for three or four weeks.

The schedule took its toll on everyone.

I told the kids before the game that coaching at Moss Point is one of the highlights of my career. It makes you better when you can play well and be fortunate enough to win the game.

It takes a lot more people than just me to get an award like this. You're going to have to have really good assistant coaches.

It's up to them. But they've got to be impressed (with Ole Miss) because we've got three (commitments).

We had our best night on defense. They got their score on defense. We had a little trouble in the red zone, but they gave it back to us. We just sort of like to work the time on the clock a little bit.