Ricky Swallow
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"Ricky Swallow" is an Australian sculptor, who lives and works in Los Angeles. He creates detailed pieces and installations in a variety of media, often utilising objects of everyday life as well as the body (bones etc.). He first came to prominence in Australia when he won the Contempora 5 Prize in Melbourne at the age of 25 in 1999. He was later selected to be the Australian representative at the 2005 Venice Biennale with This Time Another Year. Swallow is well known for works described as models, miniatures, replicas, copies, dioramas, homages, mementos, monuments and simulacra.

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It's almost like there are two Venice Biennales: the one that occurs in the Vernissage three-day period and then the slower-burning Biennale, which stays on and leaves an impression in audience and critical circles. Obviously, I want my work to be part of both.

I keep bumping into people here and recently in New York who say they thought all the lead-up material, the cards and press releases, had really warmed them up for seeing the pavilion in Venice.