I hope he inspired some of our students and reminded them that coming from a small town is not a negative. Here, when somebody is successful, we all take part. And in tragedy, we all pull together.

He's done everything we've asked. It looks like he's in shape and ready for 2006.

You hear about Fernando and Jason, and everybody kind of forgets about Taylor, because he had surgery, his numbers last year were just so-so. He's missed some time. But he's excited. If he goes Triple-A, it won't be a disappointment. Hopefully things will go well in the spring, and we'll see what happens.

We felt like, with the success that he had at Double-A, [it was best] just leave him there and let him complete a solid year at Double-A. And I think he benefited from that.

His win-loss numbers aren't that great, but we're pretty pleased with the way he's gone about his business and the way he interacts with his teammates.

This is about the time that you see an increase in velocity. The scar tissue from the surgery is pretty much done. A player usually gets a comfort level of being over the surgery, and I think that's where Taylor is at this point. His arm feels great and he's got a lot of confidence now.

He'll get a lot of reps early in spring training, and if he shows us he can handle Class AA, that's not out of the question. That's something he's probably shooting for personally.

I think it's good for the younger players to get the experience, and hopefully they can get something out of it.