Ricky Barnes
FameRank: 4

"Richard Kyle Barnes" is an United States/American professional golfer who currently plays on the PGA Tour.

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It's not like I was thinking about anybody else out there -- I was just thinking, 'how can I win this golf tourney?'

I'm not mad about being here, I'm more upset about not being here full time.

Now that was a funky course. You could get some wild bounces at that place.

You do anything you can to help the tournament director because he's helping you.

It was funny because he was probably right.

I'm a better player now by far than when I won the Amateur. I'm smarter.

There are still eight events left and you're seeing guys win two weeks in a row here to gain PGA status. Anything can happen.

To high-five and give your brother a hug out there made it that much more special.

After winning the Amateur I felt I should win instead of just play well.