Ricki Herbert
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"Ricki Lloyd Herbert", New Zealand Order of Merit/CNZM is a New Zealand former Association football/footballer player and former head coach of the New Zealand national football team/New Zealand national team, stepping down after the side failed to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and former manager of A-League side Wellington Phoenix. Herbert represented his country at the 1982 FIFA World Cup in Spain and coached the New Zealand national team at the 2010 World Cup. He currently manages NorthEast United FC in the Indian Super League.

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They'll be a fantastic challenge for us, and we'll work very hard to get a complement of players that we think are the next group to start working with.

By playing the likes of Brazil and Chile we are sending out a pretty loud statement and these guys want to be involved. Imagine if we found another 10 or 12 of a very good standard that we didn't know about. It can only be good for the game.

Some of the individual performances were great. Where was Andy Barron six months ago? It is a long time for us between now and the World Cup. We must use that to prepare as well as we possibly can.

Brazil will be fantastic for the game. Potentially a billion viewers, 1000 media, a sold-out stadium ? and we are going to be a part of that. Yes, there will be pressure to perform and keep credibility intact, but who wouldn't want to be there.