Our view is that there is a long way to go down. Whether that's Monday, next month or over the next few quarters isn't known.

It's only rational to expect them to start following other people's rules. They don't have such power that they can dictate market forces politically. We've seen that in France , but in China it's a lot more paramount, where the government follows different views and censorship.

They had another phenomenal quarter, just less phenomenal than what most people [expected].

We don't think a lot of money has flowed into some of these large-cap names. Perhaps investors have been looking for darling growth stories.

I think it's a niche product. For those of us who are geeks and understand the power of the social network, it makes sense. But will [non-geeky] people behave this way? It's a question.

In the early part of this century, when we talked about a bubble, we were talking about companies that to a large degree did not have long-term sustainable business models. It is different now. The business models are stronger. There is a lot more meat on the bone.