Rick Rodriguez
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"Ricardo "Rick" Rodriguez" is a professional baseball coach and former professional baseball pitcher. He pitched in parts of four seasons in the major leagues between and . He was the bullpen coach for the Oakland Athletics until he was replaced by Darren Bush, former manager of the Sacramento Rivercats on October 26, 2012.

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Get in front of someone and Dexter will do the rest.

I'm struck by the numbers -- by what they have been able to achieve. There's a real commitment to retain and build the staff.

I was hoping for 3-4 yards.

Dexter's worth about three touchdowns a game.

He's the best I've ever coached. He's a special player and an incredible person.

[Rodriguez said officials won't know how much oil, gas and other pollutants got into the water until divers go down to investigate.] If they're not leaking now, they will be soon, ... What we're seeing right now is just sheening — we're not seeing large pockets of gas or oil.

I took Dexter out in the fourth quarter. Better to be safe than sorry.

You kind of look back, ... and say, Man, we were a little short here.

I ain't ever had a player like him. The kid can do it all. He's special.