"Rick Minter" is an American football coach. He is currently the linebackers coach for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL), a position he has held since February 2013. Minter served as head football coach at the University of Cincinnati from 1994 to 2003 and as the interim head coach for Marshall University in the 2009 Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, compiling a career college football record of 54–63–1.

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It was embarrassing for us to play the way that we played.

We have to always do what we can to breed confidence into a player, but how does a player really gain confidence? It's being successful. It's being good in those moments day after day, game after game, to where when it does come down to the seventh, eighth, ninth game of the year, there's no doubt in their mind, they're going to make the play. It comes down to confidence.

We're just trying to stay focused on Clemson. There have been rumors circling for days. We're just trying to keep our eyes on the prize, which right now is trying to win a ballgame over in Death Valley. That's been where our focus is.

The way SC does it is a little more prolific -- like Charlie does it. The Florida State offense was a four-man, Purdue-looking offense -- nickel and dime, nickel and dime, nickel and dime, and before you know it, you've got a lot of yards.

I think the way (Weis) thinks in so many ways. He's rough and tough and doesn't hold back words ... he tells it like it is. I like straight-shooters. And with it comes our aggressive approach on defense. I think I'm a good fit and happy to be here.

Timing is everything in life.

I think they were given up for dead last year, and this year, they've been kind of a maligned group.

The bottom line is it doesn't matter what I know, it's what I get them to execute.

The danger is they take the ball out of our hands with long, meticulous, slow, grinding drives.