Richard Vernon
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"Richard Vernon" was a United Kingdom/British actor. He appeared in many film/feature films and television programmes, often in Aristocracy (class)/aristocratic or supercilious roles. Prematurely balding and greying, Vernon settled in to playing archetypal middle-aged lords and military types while still in his 30s.

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I'm glad we won. I think there were three good candidates running this time and the voters chose Mark Sneed and myself. I'll do best my best to give the voters what they want as a board member.

I'd like to see this cost placed directly on the team.

The top priority is to listen and to work with others to get working on this huge deficit. We gotta try to solve it.

It needs to change. We can't do it on the school board, but it needs to change.

I would like that better than eliminating a sport.