[There's] lots of old code hanging around Windows. Mr. Gibson is being spooked by ghosts of the past.

False positives are actually very common. They're particularly common for programs that aren't widely distributed, like some game.

Maybe the fault of removed cookies or blocked access starts with a related third-party used by the Web publisher.

I was really shocked at how blatant they were in discussing what they did and were going to do. They knew exactly what they were doing.

We take a tack based on the product. We don't look at the rest of business model.

The motive behind limiting what browser you develop for is laziness. If you develop Web applications, you must develop to the W3C standards. You do not use Microsoft's proprietary capabilities because you'll get caught in it later.

You have to give credit to the Israeli police for uncovering this whole thing. But it looks like the court side of things may turn a blind eye to this crime.

But when they did that, it cut into their profitability. Doing that broke their business model, so I think this is just a last-gasp effort to put a viable face on a business that's going nowhere.