Our mission is to create the right condition for learning with affordability and quality. Hopefully residents will see that. This budget is not going to be an easy task.

People who have chronic infections -- and gum disease is one of the major chronic infections -- are at increased risk later in life for atherosclerosis [hardening of the arteries] and coronary heart disease.

Fire Commissioner (Charles) Wilson has an open checkbook to ensure the safety of the residents of the City of Detroit and his firefighters.

The implication is that doctors and the media and paid advertising by [aspirin manufacturers] have had a positive impact. The approximately one-third reduction in heart attacks and fatal heart attacks in patients taking aspirin will help reduce the death and disability from coronary heart disease in the United States.

Even if we get an increase in state aid, I might not use it to restore positions but rather to reduce the levy. I don't like the look of the levy because it's still too high.

A number of people will be on our campus that we don't know. We owe it to the safety of our students to have more security.

[Doctors urge others to follow suit.] If you have any doubts, ... go to the emergency room. Don't worry about embarrassment -- it's better to be embarrassed than dead.

As embarrassing as today's stories are, and the series to follow, it provides us an opportunity to identify the problems that exist.