It's nice of y'all to schedule this tailwind.

There are no other hybrid products like this in the market.

Winter sports insurance has become more refined as skiers are getting more adventurous. Some policies won't cover you for activities such as ice-skating or tobogganing ... some, particularly the no-frills cover can be very limited.

Don't assume that all travel policies are the same, or that they will cover you for everything that might go wrong. Many policies, particularly the no-frills cover, can be very limited.

I think that seals it for him. They can't really argue that he's doing a great job. It would be pretty absurd if they try to do that.

Egg Money is a strong product proposition. Though it is not market leading in all aspects, it does offer consistently good rates and is likely to suit those who may end up dipping in and out of both spending and borrowing facilities.

There are insurance options and you need to consider the health of your teeth and how often you visit the dentist.

It's been a major growth industry since 9 / 11.

The last time drilling was profitable like this was in 1981, making this a stars-are-aligned, once-in-a-generation moment.