The numbers weren't too dissimilar to what the market expected.

You wouldn't change the song yet, because all of the regulatory outcomes are yet to come.

There is some uncertainty about what costs are actually going to come through in the first half in relation to the depreciation charges, redundancies etcetera because there has been pretty big material changes since September.

Reading between the lines, assuming the sale is still on, it looks like this is a prelude to a break up as part of that sale process.

It happened several times ... the company is called Reliable and if we don't show up then we can't have that. The day he was fired we went down to his house and grabbed our van and the credit card and thought that was that.

It was pretty much in line with what we were looking for.

There was lots of red ink, but that was to be expected.

I think this could perhaps be the first quarter in quite a considerable time that the domestic NZ business shows signs of EBITDA growth, or at least if it's down it's only going to be down fractionally.

It's quite likely, considering their revised guidance for the year, that the second quarter for AAPT was a bit of a shocker, really due to the fact that it looks like Telstra's been pretty belligerent in back-dating contracts on rather nasty terms.