I mean, the fact is, many people don't feel comfortable in this world, and they live on the periphery of this world.

Since I am a teacher and I lecture on social change, and on up-leveling people's lives, science fiction's a great place where you can really explore a lot of territory.

[Reactions ? now and stretching into the future ? are likely to include anxiety, irritability, depression, anger,] all the emotions, intensified, ... Maybe guilt. I survived and friends and family members haven't. Why did I survive and not others?

I'd rather be in Pittsburgh doing a job I hate than be here in L.A. I got homesick.

I was always curious about-not actors-but I was always enthralled by the communication industry. TV, movie, film-all that stuff.

Whatever you determine to be true in the subconscious becomes true for you.

[Coping will also, in some cases, likely involve substance abuse counseling.] Substance abuse can go up, ... For many, substances are a mechanism to cope. And stress may increase the desire to utilize substances.

It was absurd in the spring, and it's still absurd.

Apollo, Athena, these are characters out of Greek mythology-we used a lot of the Egyptian mythology, as well. And we tapped into the premise of, you know, Who is mankind? Where did we evolve from?