"Richard French" was a United States House of Representatives/U.S. Representative from Kentucky.

Born near Boonesborough, Kentucky, French attended private schools.

He studied law.

He was Admission to the bar in the United States/admitted to the bar in 1820 and commenced practice in Winchester, Kentucky.

He served as member of the State house of representatives 1820–1826.

He served as judge of the circuit court in 1829.

French was elected as a Jacksonian to the 24th United States Congress/Twenty-fourth Congress (March 4, 1835 – March 3, 1837).

He was an unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1836 to the 25th United States Congress/Twenty-fifth Congress.

He was an unsuccessful Democratic candidate for Governor of Kentucky in 1840.

French was elected as a Democratic Party (United States)/Democrat to the 28th United States Congress/Twenty-eighth Congress (March 4, 1843 – March 3, 1845).

French was again elected to the 30th United States Congress/Thirtieth Congress (March 4, 1847 – March 3, 1849).

He resumed the practice of law.

He died in Covington, Kentucky, on May 1, 1854.

He was interred in the family burial ground near Mount Sterling, Kentucky.

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