Richard Dean
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"Richard Dean" was an athlete, model and photographer, most known for co-hosting Cover Shot, a television makeover show on the United States/American cable TV network TLC (TV channel)/TLC.

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Everybody we've heard wants to save the Grape Bowl. Nobody has told us they want it to be torn down. So far, the sentiment is that it's too much of a community asset to do anything except renovate it.

To be first in a place had always been important to us.

The ironworkers are a real tight union. They live and die by each other.

Manufacturers are beginning to recognize the fact that toll-free telephone support is extremely expensive. The trend in the industry is to get away from expensive telephone support and make investments in online support.

On the surface it seems like a great idea, ... But you can't throw money that you don't have at a problem.

Some of them didn't like it. And some of them still don't like it.

It's a good drawing card. People stop and they look it over. Inevitably, they'll come up and touch it.

I think people should stop and see it, and pay respect to the people that manned them.