"Rich Glas" was named the head men's basketball coach at Concordia College, Moorhead on March 19, 2008. Glas was head coach at the University of North Dakota from 1988 to 2006, and has the most wins in school history (335).

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It was critical for us to win a game. Our seniors, Evan, Adam and Caro all played well. It was good our seniors could go out with a win.

We finally made some shots. When you make your shots, it makes all the difference in the world.

When they made their run at us, Evan hit some big shots.

Our young guys don't even know what they're getting into with the conference schedule. With the more physical players we'll see now, we could get overpowered inside.

Credit Minot. They came here to compete and won the basketball game. I felt they wanted it more than we did. We showed a little life. Then, all of a sudden, we backtracked.

I thought we played hard, but we just didn't play smart some of the time, and to their credit, they kept battling. They played with a lot of heart, and they just kind of wore us down. We're not offensive linemen. We're more like wide receivers. Duluth has some offensive linemen.

What's special is the great tradition in our program. To be in the same fraternity as Dave Gunther - and surpass him - is simply great.

All of our guys have all had their moments. We just need more of them having their moments at the same time. Right now, we don't have that edge, that emotion, you need to be successful.

We show a little life, then we backtrack. We're so inconsistent. We don't have enough talent to cover up for our mistakes. We need to play smart every possession.