We're getting a lot of hits early. We're getting contributions up and down the lineup. I prefer that instead of relying on two or three guys to deliver the long ball.

That was a solid win for us. Riverside is always a tough team. Donny was on his game that day. He was throwing hard and getting his breaking ball over the plate. He tossed a lot of first-pitch strikes.

We battled from behind the entire game. The five errors killed us. We didn't play well at all and still only lost by a run. We just could not get out of the hole we dug early.

He looked real good. He had a great command of his pitches and batters leaning and off stride. That is the kind of pitcher he is. He is not going to overpower any hitters. He is more of a finesse kind of pitcher.

After a game like we played against Florence, I wasn't sure how we were going to respond. But our defense was sharp and we made the routine plays. If we field well we're going to find ourselves in a lot of games.