"Richard Barton" is a former Microsoft executive and founder of online travel company (and Microsoft spinoff) Expedia, Inc., real-estate internet company Zillow, and job search engine and career community Glassdoor. In 2002 he was named as one of the TR35/top 100 innovators under 35 by MIT Technology Review. In April 2014, he was named to Barack Obama's Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship.

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We're opening this thing up, allowing anyone to come in and use it to get smarter.

Sellers can use our tools to arrive at the right selling price. And owners can track the value of their most important asset.

My motivation, I guess, is kind of power to the people.

Consumer behavior has changed and the business model has not changed.

We see in real estate right now customers are beginning to take control and habits will start to change.

We really think this thing can be big. And we want to be the first guys to do it. And there are enough people interested in what we are doing that we have to be careful.

In each of these businesses, you didn't have to scratch far into the pool to find consumer frustration.

They've never been able to see the whole store. Now we're turning on the lights. Buyers can see home values to avoid overpaying.

We hope this provides transparency so consumers will be able to more aggressively negotiate with service providers.