When it comes to the location, my biggest concern is the safety of the kids. I deal with it as a fireman day in and day out. If I can save one child, one life, I'll feel like I've done something. We are keeping our focus not on the money, but on the kids.

This is a course for short hitters and people who putt well, but my 64 tells you I can play here. The last five weeks I have been playing well. I just hope I can do it again tomorrow.

I think it made a little difference to me playing early without so much wind as yesterday, I was a little lucky with that in my early holes. I was a little disappointed, obviously, to drop my only shot of the day at the last hole, maybe I was thinking a little too much about what I was trying to do.

I hit a good driver today and made a lot of fairways, and I think that is the key for a good round.

The course is wonderful, it has good design and the fairways and greens are in good condition. But when you play good everything is good. I start early tomorrow and hopefully if I can get lucky with my tee time I can do well.

I played great again. On my first nine holes, I hit it really solid and I will try to stay up there after last week and play the same. Today I was just very relaxed.