Ricardo Clark
FameRank: 4

"Ricardo Anthony Clark" is an American Association football/soccer player who currently plays for Houston Dynamo in Major League Soccer.

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I think (Houston) is a great city for a soccer team. If we continue our success that we had in San Jose then we can make it even better.

Success will come with everybody doing what they have to do on the field. I think behind the scenes the office is doing a good job promoting the team. As long as we win, the support will come.

This is a great accomplishment to get called up. When I get the opportunity I have to go in and contribute and do the best I can to help the team.

I pick up so much just by seeing how they do things on the field, learning by example.

Just from the talk in the city, I think Sunday is going to be a good day to experience what the season's going to be like and see the excitement in the fans. They'll get to see what our team is about and I think we're going to have a good season here.