He really wants to lower his times and he also swims against pool records. He really studies times a lot and knows what he needs to shoot for.

It was overwhelming. Nearly 80 percent said they wanted to incorporate into the new city.

I really think Markus has a great chance to make it to the state in both events. He's been working all season for this meet.

I am just so happy for Markus. I really think he's got a real good chance of winning both races, but he knows he's got to swim really well.

The other kids on the team love Markus. He's so fun to be around and he brings a lot to the team. He's brought them closer together.

I am really proud of Megan. She's seeded last, but to make it to the state meet as a freshman is just really amazing.

He's ranked number one in the district right now according to the swimming.com website. We are definitely aiming toward the state competition.