It is simply unthinkable that someone would beat another human being for sport. We need to send a message to these abhorrent criminals that being homeless does not make you target practice.

The homeless need someone to speak for them. I filed this after I saw what happened in Fort Lauderdale. We need to try to protect these people and say that we are not going to stand by and let things like that happen.

It just takes one cargo container with one weapon of mass destruction to destroy a whole city. We're a coastal state, so we could see a lot of damage. It's something that's always bothered me.

This particular neighborhood is actually dying. We keep hearing 'public purpose' while in this case private investment has been a public purpose.

After I heard some of the unrest, I agreed not to pursue it, unfortunately. I do feel it is a mistake, but if it is not the will of the cities, I agreed not to pursue it.

She had to represent her constituents.... I think all these commissioners do the same thing.

I'm amenable to making whatever changes we need to make it a stronger bill because I believe this needs to stop.