Renaldo Balkman
FameRank: 4

"Renaldo Balkman" is a Puerto Rican-American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Texas Legends of the NBA D League. He played college basketball for the University of South Carolina and has represented the Puerto Rico national basketball team/Puerto Rico national team in international competition.

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We came into the tournament with a horrible record. It was a winning season, but everybody doubted us. South Carolina is this, South Carolina is that, we're underdogs, we're not going to do nothing in the tournament. Hey we're showing people right now we've got a lot of heart and we're tough.

It's time to turn it up. Whatever happened in the regular season is over. When it was time to turn it up, we turned it up.

I was so hyped and ready to play. I'm going there to have trimmed up before Saturday's game.

We had a horrible record during the season, and everybody doubted us coming into this tournament. But this shows that we've got a lot of heart and that we're tough.

It doesn't matter who we play. It just matters that we're playing.

We made the big plays at the end and closed out the game. That was the difference.

I love to play in front of Kentucky fans. It motivates me. In games where we don't have a lot of fans, we've got to bring our own energy. That's what I told the team. I'll bring the energy.

It's very disappointing. We worked so hard, come this far.

We're looking at this as our second season. We've got confidence right now. We're going to win this tournament.