I was looking at all these pieces.

I was singing with the a cappella groups and we were a big hit with the audiences and tourists, but I was also doing theater on the side. I would be talking to theater audiences afterward and I realized those theater audiences had never seen an a cappella group at a theme park before. They'd never heard anybody making music with just their voices.

A group called Toxic Audio would be the last place a person would expect to find the types of a cappella sounds that our group creates.

A lot of it is non-verbal, so it translates really well.

It's pretty exciting to get into Vegas and see your billboards up over the strip.

If the venue and audience felt right, the chances are, we would probably make up a song on the spot.

It's been an adventure. But really, it's an opportunity for us to be surrounded by all kinds and styles of entertainment. We're a group of creative people in an environment of creativity, which inspires us to create even more.