We can do that again. We can do better than that because we've got more experience.

Anytime I throw the ball, I know he's going to make a play for me. He just runs right by them and once he gets by them they won't catch up with him.

BCS, ... If you make it that far, the awards will come.

We took a team for granted last year. I don't want the same thing to happen, so whether they win or lose, we're going to go in with the same mind-set. We've got to go out and get better and play the type of game we know how to play.

We missed him a little bit, ... but whoever is the second man in line has to step up and play.

They played a good game. They came in our house and played us to the wire basically, but a win is a win for us.

I'm scared about going home because there's too much traffic and I might not make it back home on time.