This win was real important because they didn't have two of their players and if we would have lost it would have hurt our morale.

Our energy level did go up. And it seemed like (North) laid off a little after that.

We played hard at the end and did everything our coach told us to do. Coach said to have a positive attitude about everything and just to keep our heads in the game (after the flagrant foul).

It wasn't so much me taking over than us just running our offense. I just was able to hit my shots.

This time, I guess we wanted it more. We had to prove we could beat this team.

Oh, I was in rhythm. I didn't have anyone to pass to at the time. So I took the shot.

That's a lot of pressure, man. A lot of pressure. You've just got to concentrate on your focus and knock down the easy shots.

I just told him, 'It's all in your mind, man. Go out there and block it out and play hard, play to the best of your ability.' He's done that every night since the foot injury. I think he's done really good.

Trey is Trey. I know that Trey is going to step it up and make big shots.