Red Berenson
FameRank: 6

"Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League/SJHL" Omaha Knights"NCAA" Michigan Wolverines men's ice hockey/Michigan Wolverines"National Hockey League/NHL" Montreal Canadiens New York Rangers St. Louis Blues Detroit Red Wings"American Hockey League/AHL" Quebec Aces

/ shoots = Left

/ height_ft = 6

/ height_in = 0

/ weight_lb = 195

/ ntl_team = CAN

/ birth_date =

/ birth_place = Regina, Saskatchewan/Regina, Saskatchewan/SK, Canada/CAN

/ career_start = 1961

/ career_end = 1978


"Gordon Arthur "Red, The Red Baron" Berenson" is a former Canadian professional ice hockey Centre (ice hockey)/centre and is currently in his 30th year as head coach of the Michigan Wolverines men's ice hockey team.

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Both teams are fragile going into this game. The confidence level is fragile.

We've addressed the ranking thing, and how fickle that is this time of year. Every weekend, two more games go by, and someone moves up or someone moves down depending on those games. So, the ranking doesn't matter.

There was a big difference ... whether it was the puck control or the speed, execution. They were much the sharper team. They had the momentum from the start of the game, and we couldn't turn it around.

I like the two freshman that they have in Kennedy and Abdelkader. These are skilled players.

We didn't know Al was leaving, but I wanted a contingency plan if he did leave us high and dry, which he did. But he didn't. He knew we had a goalie. Would he have still left? Probably. But at least from our perspective, it wasn't like the whole team was depending on Al Montoya.

It wasn't turning out to be the weekend we wanted, but we stuck together.

I really like the way our team dug down and played hard and gave ourselves a chance.

(The momentum) gives them the advantage. Their team is in sync, especially after giving up one goal in two games last weekend (against Alaska-Fairbanks). They are much better than they were at the start of the year, when they had all of those injuries.

It was an important game for Michigan to bounce back after yesterday's game.