Rebecca Taylor
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"Rebecca Taylor" is a New Zealand-born fashion designer based in New York City/New York, New York, United States. Her retail outlets include boutiques in Japan. Her company was reported in 2003 as having a United States dollar/US$12 million Revenue/turnover.

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A lot of them have already got homes and people who have ordered them have ordered them from the eggs in some cases. We had a guy here from Surrey at the weekend who had come to see how his bird was getting on.

Huck and Jim are both going through similar things. They're both trying to figure out what it means to be a man in their own lives. They both want the same things: freedom, prosperity.

One scene with David Carradine required seven old men as extras, ... So, I rounded up these guys, and they ended up having a great time on the set. The scene was delayed, so they got to hang out with Carradine for a few hours, and he had lunch with them.

One guy was, like, 48. He was almost my dad's age.