Horrible. The technique was horrible.

He's always had the desire to play the best that he could, but those injury problems, a lot of people didn't know about.

I think the thing is that we don't want the public to perceive that we're trying to put anything less than the quality product out there for them.

It's a lot more fun. We blitz a lot more. We really utilize our speed and we're using a lot better technique than what we were using last year. This blitzing defense really shows you we have a lot of speed on defense.

This year, we're a lot lower to the ground. Our technique is great this year, ten times better than it was last year.

This is going to be probably one of the biggest tests of the year, going against those big fellas. It's going to be a real good show.

I see Tennessee coming in here wanting to run the ball, be physical with us, try to run the ball the whole game. I mean that's the only thing I'm looking at, the only thing I'm really focusing on right now is stopping the run.

(Ray) wasn't going to say anything. But to me, it was up to the staff to say.

I started thinking about Tennessee when the clock hit zero.