Ransom Love
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"Ransom Love" has been a co-founder of the meanwhile defunct Caldera (company)/Caldera company in 1994, and was president and chief executive officer of one of its subsidiaries created on 21 August 1998, Caldera Systems, a company, which reorganized in August 2000 to become Caldera International in March 2001. He resigned before Caldera International was renamed to The SCO Group in August 2002. When his successor Darl McBride started the SCO v. IBM lawsuit, he officially terminated all relationships with the company and joined the board of directors of Progeny Linux Systems. He remained there in the capacity of a board member and advisor until 30 April 2007 when Progeny ceased operations. He now fills a leading role in the Information and Communication Systems department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Love received an executive Master of Business Administration/MBA and international relations Bachelor of Arts/BA from Brigham Young University.

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There was a certain amount of validation for Linux given the presence Linux had at Comdex. It means the business community is looking at Linux as a serious alternative.

As the browser becomes the dominant interface for desktop use, Linux will kick butt. Linux provides an excellent Internet environment. It requires minimal resources, and yet it gives full Internet connectivity.

Without the trial, you would not have had the OEMs so openly embrace other platforms.