Randy Bowen
FameRank: 6

"Randy Bowen" is an United States/American pop culture Sculpture/sculptor and the founder of Bowen Designs.

Originator in the field of limited edition sculptures based on pop-culture icons. Primarily noted for the creation of mini-busts and statues of characters from films (Star Wars, Aliens (film)/Aliens, Predator (film)/Predator, and many others.) as well as characters from comic books.

Bowen's sculpture of Superman was a fixture on the set of the comedy series Seinfeld. Bowen himself played a walk on cameo role in the infamous: "Puerto Rican Day" episode

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You have the government pushing up demand and the government restricting supply. Everybody we compete with across the world has cheaper natural gas than us.

Teddy did a good job on the mound. That was the main thing today. He gets it, throws strikes and keeps us in the game. He doesn't waste any time that way we pay attention good. He did a good job today.

We swung 'em a little better. We're still not where we need to be.

Nathan hitting the first won was the big one because it broke the ice for us. We never did that the other night. It gave us the lead, and we relaxed and played better from there on.

Our guy usually hits his spots but he threw three pitches that were belt high and right down the middle. We just made some mistakes and they made us pay for them.