It will definitely come here sooner or later.

We introduced Opteron two and a half years ago and we've been on a steady march upward since then, ... We expect that number to top 80 by the end of this quarter.

He grew up in bluegrass, in that field. Remember in the 1980s, country became Kenny Rogers, and that kind of lush sound, but Marty said, 'I will stay who I am, and not pretend to be anybody else.' He is who he is.

If you look at the number of platforms being brought to market from HP, IBM, and Sun, it's providing a lot of choice for consumers and IT managers to be able to more fully deploy Opteron in the different form factors they require for their enterprises.

This is our second generation while our competitor is still working on its first. Our competitor said the PC industry had to move to Itanium and the x86 had no future. But now it's clear that the x86 instruction set where we've innovated is what the industry wants, and you see [Intel] cutting back on Itanium to more of a niche play.

For three years the crowds have gotten bigger. It was a very packed environment, but everyone cooperated to make it manageable.

Itanium remains a niche play at the high end of the market. If you look at the return on investment in Itanium it's a trail of tears. Pouring another ten billion dollars in makes the story that much sadder.

I like what I see. We're up 27 schools from last year and we've balanced the regions a little better. We're using a slightly more challenging lane condition, not as tough as Sport Bowling, but something that's tougher than the normal house shot, and we have some new bowling centers participating.