We're physically exhausted and spiritually sad to know we weren't able to do this, but we don't feel defeated. This is only giving us more strength to continue.

God has heard our prayers and the doors have been opening in Washington for the government of the United States to listen to all our concerns and suggestions about the wet foot-dry foot policy.

We can't abandon this place because if we do anyone can pick up the boy.

We have used civil disobedience in the past, but only when it has been absolutely necessary.

We need to be more tolerant of people who think differently. We all created the monster, and we have to recognize that.

People would prefer to risk death rather than continue living there. People just get so fed up with the system they leave and risk their lives on the high seas.

We dropped anchor for a while to wait out the weather. But it got worse. We don't feel very good about this. We have put a lot of efforts behind this, but we can't beat the weather.

We have called off the protest for the moment, following the comments by the attorney general.

Cuba is a nation divided by its government. Almost 20 percent of the population lives in exile. Almost every family unit has been stricken by that division, and it is time for that to end and the barriers that divide the Cubans to be brought down.