Ralph Connor
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"Charles William Gordon", or "Ralph Connor", was a Canadian novelist, using the Connor pen name while maintaining his status as a Church leader, first in the Presbyterian Church in Canada/Presbyterian and later the United Church of Canada/United churches in Canada. Gordon was also at one time a master at Upper Canada College. He sold more than five million copies of his works in his lifetime,[http://cybrary.uwinnipeg.ca/people/dobson/manitobiana/issues/004.cfm Ralph Connor/The Rev. Dr. Charles W. Gordon] and some of his works are still in print.

Gordon was born in Glengarry County, Ontario, the son of Rev. Daniel Gordon (1822–1910) and Mary Robertson Gordon (d. 1890). His father was a Free Church of Scotland (1843-1900)/Free Church of Scotland Missionary in Upper Canada. The family moved from Glengarry to Zorra, Ontario/Harrington, Oxford County, Ontario when he was a youth. Like many other young men in the area, Gordon went to Toronto, Ontario/Toronto to study at University of Toronto. He then attended Knox College, University of Toronto/Knox College and graduated with distinction in 1886.

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Aubrey really didn't have anyone push her. She ran a very nice race. We're seeing improvement from the girls.

Terre Haute North is ranked 18th and it isn't hard to see why. Aubrey ran a really good race for us. She was about 10th at the half-mile and moved up. She ran a very smart race.

If we want to have more success as a team, the back must move closer to the front. We're going to work on that as much as we can.

I'm seeing improvement in our times. We're working at getting better. We would like to defend our sectional championship and see if we can contend for a regional spot. Everybody is working very hard enough that we'll see improvement during the year.

We lost some of our better runners from last year. People may not expect us to be as good as we were last year, but I think we're still going to be pretty good.

Last year she ran 16:59 here, ... She ran faster here than last year and last week. It's a good time on this course and she continued to show that she is one of the better runners in southwestern Indiana.

Our goal was to see Aubrey run faster than last year.