Kenyans should rise and stop this draconian measures by a dictatorship government.

People have been asking me to declare my stand, whether I will go for the top seat. I want to say that when the opportunity comes, I will offer myself for the LDP presidential nomination. I will go for the top seat if picked by my party.

This is taking us back to the dark days of the '60s, '70s and '80s.

This is basically a public relations exercise because you cannot investigate ministers who are still in office.

The president admits that there should be a meeting between us to discuss pertinent issues on the constitution and the way forward.

These ministers should have been required to resign a long time ago, or to be suspended by the president to allow for a proper transparent investigation.

This is a government of the minority because one cannot chase you after you have wrestled him down.

This is an attempt to turn the clock backward. The Kenyan people will resist this attempt.

Grave matters need to be dealt with the seriousness they deserve and that is why we want parliament to be re-convened without further delay.