Our plan is that ... by the election, the Palestinian street will be cleaned of militias and illegal weapons.

These groups will be asked to disband, join the security forces or will be dealt with as outlaws that have no right to exist and will be treated accordingly.

We understand that Mr. Sharon has to show the Israeli people that he is conceding on one side and strengthening his position on the other. That worries us, but I think that in the end, justice will have to prevail.

We'll create institutions, we'll create accountability and transparency in dealing with the land that's going to be evacuated by the settlers.

We had a very pleasant meeting, ... commitment to the Palestinian cause in terms of establishing a viable and contiguous Palestinian state. He said he does not want a state that looks like Swiss cheese.

There is no Israeli presence in Gaza, so carrying arms n the streets and having militias isn't justified.

It was some small money to help us quickly affect the lives of people. It was to show that the Palestinian Authority cares. They were very responsive and understood we needed to have a better impact.