Rachel Zoe
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"Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig" better known as "Rachel Zoe", is an American fashion stylist best known for working with celebrities, fashion houses, beauty firms, advertising agencies, and magazine editors. Zoe has been involved in the fashion industry for nearly two decades and has since become a renowned stylist and designer. She is known for her extensive influence in the fashion world and for her A-list clients. In 2008, the first season of her Bravo (US TV channel)/Bravo reality television series The Rachel Zoe Project debuted. She is married to Rodger Berman, President of Rachel Zoe, Inc. The couple have two sons.

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We're obsessed with the way Kate looks - Wellington boots with shorts? Who else could get away with that?

Nicole showed up to meet me in an airport once wearing a sweatsuit, with a leopard-print neck pillow tied around her neck, an 'I Love L.A.' cap, and her hair in pigtails, ... I think she was doing it to torture me.

I think they hired me because several of my clients are the people in the weeklies.

Their weight loss - I really think it was timing, ... It has nothing to do with me. I would never, ever, ever promote anorexia. It is a serious disease. They don't have eating disorders. It makes me extremely uncomfortable.