Oh, yes, we are already making plans to go back. I'd go back this year if I could. I know exactly where my Honduras clothes are and I can pack quickly.

They didn't care what the frames looked like on them, they were just so happy to be able to see better.

We didn't know about the glasses, but we saw how much they were needed. We hope to get some local donations together for next year.

We were just drenched in sweat most of the time.

Bubba knew we couldn't bring them back with us on the plane, so he gave them to one of the locals he knew could use them. You know, the people there didn't have a lot, but they still seemed happy. And they were grateful for our help.

We found out the people didn't even have things like Tylenol or ibuprofen. We had to take everything down there, even the most basic things.

The people never pushed or shoved or complained. And the children were so well behaved. Imagine how many Americans could send their kids out like that and not have to worry about them.

The people there are so calm and laid-back, we didn't really find ourselves stressing out.

The church was great. They held a spaghetti supper and raised about $1,000 to help pay our expenses.