Because there's some issues in terms of nipple confusion in the beginning, it's probably best to wait with the pacifier a few weeks until you and the baby have the breast-feeding thing down pat.

When everyone is in the same room, there are little awakenings throughout the night. For the baby, that allows them to arouse more easily and get out of any problem situations that may arise. The safest place for the baby to be is in the parents' room next to the parents' bed but on a different sleep surface, like a bassinet or crib next to the bed or even attached to the bed.

If you look at Census Bureau statistics for the number of children who are in child care, you would expect the rate to be about 7 percent -- certainly less than 10 percent.

Nearly 50 percent of all babies who die suddenly and unexpectedly are in a bed-sharing situation, so why take the chance?