Rachel Bilson
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"Rachel Sarah Bilson" is an American actress. Bilson grew up in a California show business family, and made her television debut in 2003, subsequently becoming well known for playing Summer Roberts on the prime-time drama series The O.C. Bilson made her film debut in the 2006 film The Last Kiss (2006 film)/The Last Kiss and starred in the 2008 action/science fiction film Jumper (film)/Jumper. Since September 2011, she has starred as Dr. Zoe Hart on The CW's Hart of Dixie.

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I never actually knew anyone in a coma, ... Well, on 'The Valley' (her favorite show-within-a-show teen soap) there's someone in a coma like every week, but I think they only do that so when the person wakes up, another actress can play the part.

It's like one guitar and a whole lot of complaining.

Summer was kind of the opposite of the Marissa Cooper character, who was the straight 'popular girl,' ... It was fun to be the humorous part of the Marissa-Summer team, just like Seth is the humor on the Ryan-Seth team. Josh has such a tremendous sense of humor, so humor and comic timing were important parts of what I guess you'd call the formula for the show.

I'm the mom. I cuddle and feed her.

It was fun to be the humorous part of the Marissa-Summer team.

[COVER GIRL:] The O.C.'s ... If I look like a dork, great, but I don't want to wear something everyone else is.

[CELEB QUOTIENT:] Other than acting, ... expressing myself creatively through my wardrobe is my favorite thing to do.