To allow Canadian filmmakers to stand shoulder to shoulder with their international counterparts.

People are concerned about their place economically and socially in the world as it undergoes enormous transformation right now.

Obviously, ... politically in the United States there has been such a drift to the right that hasn't happened up here, as Canada has become much more tolerant and open.

For me, ... there are no real taboos, as long as it's done with respect and sensitivity and the care and creativity of an artist. But is there a clear line between pornography of a sexual and violent nature, and art? It is a fine distinction and we'll probably argue about that to the end of our days.

It's just a more uncertain world out there, ... There is more of a possibility of losing something, a loved one or a child. Maybe too there's an increasing sense of powerlessness, that we don't have as much control over the world as we used to five or 10 years ago.

In every group of films from every continent.

We didn't steer away from the Karla thing this year.

I think we have seen fewer international films that have dealt with explicit sexuality. It seems that the rest of the world has moved on from that, but maybe it's just a temporary aberration this year.

'American Beauty' really reinforced in Hollywood's eyes the idea that Toronto could actually break a film that was very important. They came here and gathered acclaim and critical support that lasted through the Oscars. Subsequent to that, virtually every year, we've had a significant number of films here that later came out with nominations and Oscars.