Philipp Lahm
FameRank: 6

"Philipp Lahm" is a German professional Association football/footballer who plays as a Defender (association football)/full back or Midfielder#Defensive midfielder/defensive midfielder for FC Bayern Munich/Bayern Munich and formerly for the Germany national football team/German national team. He is the Captain (association football)/captain of his club, having skippered them to numerous honours including the 2012–13 UEFA Champions League/2013 UEFA Champions League as part of the Treble (association football)/Treble. He is also a former Captain (association football)/captain of his national team, which he led to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, before retiring from international football.

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We had our chances but we couldn't convert them, that was our problem. The group is still wide open, there's still a chance to advance.

This is my first big final and I cannot wait. I want to lift my first title.

Obviously we will be keeping our fingers crossed for Cologne. It would be great if we can win the title in front of our own fans.

You can feel the growing aggression in practice, everyone is pushing hard.