I tell you what. I was worried all week about Riverdale. When they shoot well, they can give you all sorts of trouble, and tonight they showed it.

One of the keys for us was to get off to a great start and we did. The problem was we lost focus and let them back into it.

Hats off to them. We are lucky to get out of here with a win. They (Riverdale) earned my respect. Mainly, I am very disappointed in our rebounding effort tonight. Plus, we let their zone get to us in the fourth quarter, throwing the ball away on long skip passes. There's no excuse for that.

The one thing we didn't want to let them do is go on that run. That hurt. To come back like that, that takes a heck of an effort. I'm very proud of them, we were right there. I like this team.

In the second half we spread it a bit. I thought my guards could take them. But maybe (instead of going to the basket), it's just two hard dribbles and pull up.

I thought Tyler played his best game of the year tonight. Accurate passing, good ball movement, and effective penetration. You name it.

I'm speechless. I really thought we were ready to come out and play this game. If anything, I would have told you before the game that it would have been us who came out and put them in a hole.

They hit that shot at the buzzer, and it really gave them some momentum going in. Then they jumped on us after halftime.