Phil Harris
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"Wonga Phillip" ""Phil"" "Harris" was an American singer, songwriter, jazz musician, actor, and comedian. He was born to Harry and Dollie Harris. His mother was of Irish descent. Though successful as an orchestra leader, Harris is remembered today for his recordings as a vocalist, his Voice acting/voice work in animation (probably most famous later in his career for his roles as bears, one being Baloo in Disney's The Jungle Book (1967 film)/The Jungle Book, and as Little John in Disney's Robin Hood (1973 film)/Robin Hood). He also voiced Thomas O'Malley in Disney's The Aristocats and probably best known for doing his last role as Patou in the 1991 Don Bluth film Rock-A-Doodle. Harris was also a pioneer in radio situation comedy, first with Jack Benny, and then in The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show/a series in which he co-starred with his wife, singer-actress Alice Faye, for eight years. In 1981, he sang Back Home Again in Indiana before the Indianapolis 500.

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It's not about getting houses built. It's about people.

I'm going to be around until the Atomic Energy Commission finds a safe place to bury my liver.

It was an unfortunate situation, but with the things that we have going on at the golf course and the way peoples' work schedules are, we just couldn't play, ... We had a tournament out there yesterday morning, a scramble, and we started getting water on the greens, and we let them finish up, but the course was just unplayable.